Why Is Philando Castile’s Girlfriend Lying About Not Having Videotaped the Actual Shooting?

Well, well, well… What a tangled web of hair-weaves, when the race-hustlers practice to deceive!

Philando Castile’s girlfriend and passenger, Lavish “Diamond” Reynolds, has changed her story in multiple ways since Castile was shot by Officer Jeronimo Yenez during a traffic stop near St. Paul, Minnesota last Wednesday, July 6th.

In a previous version of this post, I went into more detail about various ways Reynolds has made inconsistent statements.  But to avoid bogging this down in those related details, I’ll get down to the main business at hand rather quickly, so as not to lose or confuse you.

The real reason Officer Jeronimo Yenez stopped Castile to begin with was (as recorded on police dispatch by Yenez) because Castile closely resembled a suspect wanted for an armed robbery at a nearby store four days earlier.

That’s not the bombshell; we’ve known that for almost a week now.  Stay with me for a minute….

The day after the shooting, Reynolds stormed the governor’s mansion amidst a wildly sympathetic crowd/press gaggle, and proceeded to scream and rant non-stop, telling outright lies about how the police treated her and questioned her.

A  woman asked her, “How were you able to figure out that you should put this on Facebook?”   Reynolds replied by going into a long tirade saying she wanted to show the world that “these police are not here to protect and serve us, but to assassinate us; they are here to kill us because we are black!!”

In mid-rant, she told the crowd that she didn’t capture the actual shooting on video because “…if I woulda moved while that gun was out, he woulda shot me too!!”

Given the point at which she did start live-streaming video, whether that statement even makes any sense is questionable.  But we didn’t have to wait long for her to make up something else….

Now comes the bombshell:  The next day, Reynolds spoke at a press conference and completely changed her explanation of why she didn’t get the shooting itself on video.

Ready?  Go to the 5:00 mark in this excerpt:

Did you catch that?

You hear Reynolds say, “…I was not able to get the actual shooting because I did not want that horrible act to be on social media…”  That’s a completely different reason than the one given the day before, by the way.

Most importantly, I say that remark is what poker players and con-artists call a “tell.”  She’s inadvertently telling us that she did film the shooting.

Think about it:  She claimed that she did not want to have video of “that horrible act” to be on social media.

Ask yourself, how could she have known that a “horrible act” was about to take place, in order to decide not to film it?  It doesn’t pass the smell test at all.  It’s so bizarrely illogical, we have to conclude that she came up with it in order to misdirect.

I say she filmed the entire stop, but switched over to live-streaming after the shooting.

She could not know of an impending “horrible act” – unless she was in on some sort of failed plan by Castile to try to shoot the police first, or, an insane plan to deliberately provoke police deadly force for some reason.

So why would she lie?  She’s misdirecting away from what’s stored on her phone.

What she’s really telling us (without intending to) is that she did make it possible for people to see the shooting and what led up to it, but now pretends otherwise.  She pretends she made the decision to start recording afterward.  But she’s too stupid, too addled from her constant illegal drug use (displayed in her own social media videos), and too illogical in her clumsy nonsense to trick everyone.

She’s trying to conceal the main piece of evidence which would sink her shakedown scam.  That is, the part of the video she’s pretending not to have recorded would exonerate Yenez, because for whatever reason, Castile refused to comply, and reached toward his gun when ordered not to reach.

We still don’t know for certain that Castile wasn’t the armed robber being sought.  If you examine the store video still frames, the two did look exactly alike, down to the features, clothing brands, and body.

Lavish Reynolds may be remembering the unfortunate incident in the video below, from a couple of years ago, and trying to use it as the template for her shakedown story:


Police still have custody of Reynolds’ phone while they conduct their investigation.  If I’m right about all this, can she be that much of a gambler as to think investigators wouldn’t discover the segment of video in question while examining the phone’s contents?

Maybe this case will be over more quickly than we expected.


Panic at the Disco: So This Gay Muslim Democrat Walks Into a Bar….

352ea01300000578-3638930-image-a-37_1465819624229How much more cultural enrichment can we take?  The bodies continue to pile up.

Florida-based Islamic Caliphate field rep Omar Mateen had more red flags flapping than a Chinese military parade, yet as with Ft. Hood psychia-terror-ist Maj. Nidal Hasan, the feds saw no evil, heard no evil, and found no probable cause until it was too late.  Afterward, they still can’t get themselves to acknowledge the unbroken connection between the original Islamic mass-murderer, the alleged prophet Mohammed himself, and Mohammedans of today.

Nowhere and nobody is safe from Manifest Diversity now.  Just when Hispanic trannies thought it was safe to go into whichever bathroom they felt comfortable at the moment, in barges bi-curious/conflicted security officer Allahu Akbar, guns-a-blazing to drown out the thumping bass, rain on the pride parade, and ruin the fabulous fudge party in the name of Islamic supremacy.

Mateen, though, sure was sensitive to the #BlackLivesMatter bunch during his overnight Sharia patrol inside the Pulse nightclub in Orlando last week.  Some black survivors report that he was asking people who were hiding within bathroom stalls if they were black, and if they replied yes, he said, “I don’t have a problem with black people.  This is about my country.  You guys suffered enough,” as he resumed blasting his non-black victims to death, pumping bullets into his swishy Puerto Rican & caucasian clubgoing targets, his enlightened respect for the African-American experience duly noted for the record.

No wonder the mulatto Muslim Obama got so upset at the idea that someone like Donald Trump would object to Mateen’s free exercise of religion, social justice, & ethnic cleansing.

Oh, and by the way, in saying “my country,” Mateen – despite having been born and raised here in the United States – meant Afghanistan.  So much for the idea of Muslims who are U.S. citizens being presumably loyal Americans.

Anyway, just why did we round up Japanese, Germans, and Italians of dubious loyalty to the United States after the Pearl Harbor attack, and put them in internment camps, far away from places where they might conduct guerilla acts of sabotage or terrorism here on our soil?  People have been brainwashed to believe that was “a dark chapter” in our country’s history, and something we ought to be ashamed of.

Bullshit. The moral reasoning for doing what we did then is being proved sound with each new horrific Islamic terror attack in the U.S. and Europe, and everywhere else for that matter.

We should have rounded Muslims up immediately after September 11th, 2001, and we keep on paying the very steep price for not doing so.

We didn’t have any Japanese acts of sabotage or Kamikaze attacks on our homeland after Pearl Harbor for obvious reasons.  Our modern “watchlists” aren’t worth a crap – the so-called authorities have neither the political will nor the manpower to watch an infinite and growing number of suspects – you have to actually remove the threat far and away from vulnerable targets until the war is decided.

The fact that we’ve had countless Islamic attacks and plots across this land since 9/11, including dirty-nuke plotter Jose Padilla, Little Rock, Ft. Hood, shoe-bomber Richard Reid, the underwear bomber, San Bernardino, Chattanooga, Times Square, JFK, the Ft. Dix Six, the Boston Marathon bombings, and Orlando (just a sampling of the total) make it painfully obvious that our society simply lacks the will to survive.

Why do we lack the will to survive, as a nation?  Because we are not truly a nation any longer, in the natural sense.  Nothing biologically or culturally binds us together anymore.  We’re too diverse, with too many divided loyalties and disparate agendas pulling in every direction.

Our Constitution has become a suicide pact.  Discrimination is the most moral thing a person, society, or government can do, yet somewhere along the line our majority got hypnotized into believing that it’s a bad thing.

When we were a 90% white country, along with a reasonable amount/admixture of diversity, and heterosexual white men unashamedly asserted the privileges and prerogatives of leadership, it was possible to reach relative consensus about what we had to do to protect innocents like little 8-year-old Martin Richard, slaughtered by naturalized Mohammedan immigrants at the Boston Marathon finish line.

Alas, there are no “safe spaces” when your government forces you, at gunpoint, to embrace overwhelming, anti-American diversity.

John Kasich: Too Much of a Pussy to Tell Derelict Women to Get Back in Their Kitchens

gov-john-kasichRepublican presidential candidate and current Ohio governor John Kasich is under fire for recently having described how he got elected to his first political office back in 1978.

Kasich told an audience at George Mason University in Fairfax, Virginia, yesterday that he won a seat in the Ohio state Senate with the support of many women, who left their kitchens to go out and go door-to-door and put yard signs up for me.  All the way back when — you know, things were different.  Now you call homes and everybody’s out working.  But at that time, early days, it was an army of women that really helped me get elected to the state Senate.”

Nothing wrong at all with him or anyone having said something like that; in fact nowadays we need much more of it.

For obvious reasons, the Left are going hog wild, pouncing on this latest opportunity to scream and holler about alleged misogynistic bigotry from old white Republican men.

Unfortunately, castrated Kasich — like almost every single other scaredy-cat/cuckservative white man in the public eye — under the usual onslaught of the political correctness gestapo, is of course apologizing & explaining defensively only, not aggressively firing back.

I’m not a Kasich supporter in this GOP nomination race.  What we need are leaders who will chastise these derelict women and tell them to get back into the kitchens and homes of their families, and stop all this abandoning of their natural gender-role responsibilities; stop all this competing with/displacing men in the workplace, stop butchering their unborn babies, and so on.

When women gained their equality, they lost their superiority.

I have no problem with women who are exceptions to the rules of gender roles, but those roles must mainly remain intact for civilization to exist.

Society is falling apart; the institution of the family is under constant attack and barely hanging on.  As a country, we’re subsidizing and encouraging illegitimacy, single parenthood, feral & violent youth, and a perpetual cycle of dysfunction by pretending that there’s nothing wrong with women acting like men.

If old, white Republican men don’t chastise the slut culture and the wayward, willful women who too often abandon their natural function in life, who will?  Certainly not the leftist destroyers of society.  They’re too busy shoving transgenderism onto our schoolchildren and transforming our military forces into a completely feminized farce.

Incidentally, my wife approves of this post.

Allahu FUBAR: You Don’t Win A War By Doing Background Checks

fake-syrian-refugees3About the most ruthless thing our current government can summon the will to do about the threat our society faces from invading Mohammedan savages is to pretend to be able to “vet” them as they pour into the United States to do their hijra jihad.

Please.  Even if those endless hordes of wild donkeys and rabid wolves could be thoroughly checked out, and even if nothing turns up as far as officially-recognized red/yellow flags in however many cases, the fact remains that the overwhelming majority of them are, nonetheless, Muslims — and that means they are by nature, at the minimum, latent terrorists, at whatever stage of training and development.

A moderate, peaceful Muslim is really just a nominal adherent who has not yet learned how to be a true follower of Mohammed, Islam’s “perfect man,” and wage bloody jihad, as he did, to spread his murder cult by terror.

Or, as the saying goes, “a radical Muslim wants to behead you; a moderate Muslim wants a radical Muslim to behead you.”

You don’t win a war against a ruthless enemy by being half-assed and naive.  You win by being more ruthless than the enemy.  If you have to round them up from your midst, and/or kill their entire family, village, city, or country, you execute that imperative before they do it to you and yours.  Period.

How Should Police Stop A Knife-Swinging Laquan On PCP?

In the latest high-profile racial railroading of a white policeman for obvious political reasons, it has taken authorities over a full year to decide to charge Chicago cop Jason Van Dyke in the fatal shooting of black 17-year-old Laquan McDonald.

The obviousness of the racial/political theater here is largely due to the fact that the timing of the ridiculous charge — first degree murder — being suddenly announced after all these months, so transparently coincides with the sudden FOIA public release of a police dashcam video of the shooting which, to the untrained eye, looks pretty bad.

The video in question has been in the possession of the authorites this entire time.  If it was a bad shoot, especially if so bad as to amount to first degree murder, they should have charged him long ago, apart from the racially ginned-up public and media hysteria wrought by release of the video, no?

As for allegations about the incident itself, there are some gray areas, and some clear-cut lines.

Officers were attempting to apprehend McDonald, who was later determined to have had PCP in his system, after he had been rampaging around the area and using a knife to not only break into cars and other property, but also slashed the tire of a police car when an initial attempt to arrest him failed just moments before he encountered Van Dyke and other officers.

The video shows that McDonald was not “walking away from” the officers, as many are insisting; he was walking briskly abreast of them and turning toward them(5:05), his left hand inside his pocket and swinging the knife in his right hand.

Most police officers are trained on the “21-foot rule”(also known as the Tueller Drill), the distance at which an officer’s “reactionary gap” (the time it takes the officer to recognize the threat, reach, draw, aim, and fire on the subject) puts his own life in jeopardy from a subject with an edged weapon.

Here’s a very good demonstration of the 21-foot rule:


It has been proven over and over again (unfortunately not only in training drills but in many cases where officers have been murdered/gravely wounded) that an agile subject with an edged weapon can suddenly, as rapidly as 1.5 seconds, close a distance of up to 21 feet to fatally stab/slash a victim, even kill or seriously wound a trained police officer armed with a gun.

That’s less time than it takes an officer to recognize the threat, reach, draw, aim, and fire on the subject — the “reactionary gap.” 1.23 seconds is the fastest closing time of the 21-foot distance measured.

I played the video over and over at various speeds.  At 5:05 McDonald actually turns toward the officers as he walks briskly abreast of them, swinging the knife in one hand, his other hand in his pocket.  He takes 4 more steps before suddenly jerking, spinning, and going down.

If Van Dyke perceived McDonald’s turning toward the officers as signaling an attack, it can be argued that he legitimately deemed McDonald (who had just slashed a police car’s tire with the knife) to be an imminent deadly threat within the 21-foot reactionary gap.

That perception might not mean to a jury (Graham v. Connor) that Van Dyke necessarily had to shoot McDonald, but it would definitely mean he’s not guilty of murder.  Not first degree, nor second degree.

The 21-foot rule has come under scrutiny and criticism in recent years/months, and I predict it will (just as “stand your ground,” misapplied as it was, in the Zimmerman case) be the centerpiece of this case.

Not guilty.

Oh, and by the way, as for the number of shots Van Dyke fired (the video also shows the PCP-loaded perp still reaching for something, presumably a weapon, long after he’s down), the answer is that once the decision to use deadly force is deemed appropriate, the number of shots is really moot — although we all know that the public, media, and jurors tend to imagine that there can somehow be some kind of “excessive” force beyond deadly force.

Here’s an excellent but horrific real-life example of why the 21-foot rule came about.  A man armed with a blade is surrounded by police who have guns, yet he manages to kill 2 of them and gravely wound 2 others before being brought down, still moving on the ground:

An Open Letter to the West: Islamic Hijra-Jihad, Internment Camps, and Political Correctness


This was initially written and sent to the current democrat governor of Virginia, one Terence McAuliffe, but I decided to publish it here as an open letter to just about everyone else as well.

To all Western government officials, politicians, and populations,

Trust me on the topic of this message: Following my tour of duty in Southeastern Turkey with a USAF site counter-terrorism security force in the early 1980s, I was later the non-commisioned officer in charge of the anti-terrorism program for Project ELF One in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia during the mid-80s. Next, I performed Special Air Missions security for Air Force One and the presidential aircraft fleet operating from Andrews AFB under President Reagan.

After the attacks of 9/11/01, I served as a special deputy U.S. marshal assigned to U.S. Attorney General John Ashcroft’s personal protection detail for 2 1/2 years, during which time Al-Qaeda had him near the top of their assassination list. Following that, I was a Law Enforcement Watch Officer/Intel Analyst in the Immigration and Customs Enforcement Hq Operations Center, until I quit in abject disgust at the utter refusal of our government officials and agency leaders to do their jobs; their political refusal to protect our borders & interior.

ISIS is promising more attacks here in the U.S., particularly on Washington, D.C., equal to and even worse than the recent Paris attacks. Yet so many of our politically correct leaders are obstinately and delusionally intent on ushering even more swarms of Muslim hijra-jihad conquest invaders into our midst. “Diversity is our strength,” they blindly bleat.

As for alleged “vetting” of the countless invaders — please. Besides the absurd impossibility of doing so given the nature of the Trojan Horse legions in question, we have anti-American affirmative-action flunkies and foxes guarding the henhouse.  A few months after the 9/11 attacks, our utterly incompetent government’s former Immigration and Naturalization Service actually, blindly renewed the student visas of some of the dead terrorists!

Unfortunately, ISIS will succeed in attacking Washington and other major U.S./British targets — but only because our society and leaders have become so politically correct, so brainwashed against practicing moral discrimination and rational racism; against profiling and eradicating the Muslim threat from our society.

The fundamental and best ways to protect yourself and others from dangerous elements are distance and shielding. Our political leaders and agencies are really doing neither, and our brainwashed electorate are not demanding enough that our people and cities be shielded specifically from the Islamic threat, nor that Muslims be removed to the furthest possible distance from us.

The public safety and terrorism threats we face are, with comparatively scant exceptions, from dark and swarthy savages operating freely among us. Scandinavians, Methodists, and rebel-flag rednecks are not the actual problem.

I know that you think you’re a good, morally conscientious, and altruistic person for helping third-world savages to continually dispossess, rape, and kill whites. You’re not.

Study the true, original nature of Islam, and stop with the politically correct lies.

The leader of ISIS has a Ph.D. in Islamic studies — he is doing exactly what the Koran, the Hadith, and the Sira, and all of Islamic doctrine commands, and has always commanded for Muslims ever since the rapacious warlord Mohammed invented and began spreading his murder cult by ruthless, bloodthirsty conquest.

Many so-called moderate Muslims can be very nice and peaceful people on a personal basis, and not at all in favor of violent jihad tactics.  However, the mere fact of their at least nominal adherence to the overall domination cult of Islam (along with their sheer numbers) is what gives their more militant leaders, the terrorists, such broad/deep support, and vast geo-demographic buffers so as to be able move about, be financed, and have political subterfuge and interference carried out for them endlessly.

Moderate Muslims, in fact, are part of that network whether they actively decide so or not.

Islamic militants are swearing they’ll strike here again, particularly in D.C., and we had better believe them.

Aside from the the question of political will, our governments simply do not have the necessary manpower/resources to constantly and closely watch all of the thousands and thousands of suspected Islamic militants and their extended familial/support networks already operating freely among us.

Round up all Muslims and put them in internment camps until they can be either deported to the shit-hole countries they belong in, converted, or otherwise neutralized. We had very good reasons to do it to the Japanese Nisei after the Pearl Harbor attack, even better reasons to do it to Mohammed’s legions and family/support network now, and before now.

The Bill of Rights does not apply — especially to a mortal enemy among us — when we are faced with such a dire and imminent national security threat.

I don’t kid myself for a minute into thinking that these completely necessary and warranted safety measures will actually happen, but my conscience is that much clearer that I’m at least taking the trouble to exhort you to join me in the demand for it and to help carry it out.

Washington, D.C. area mosques, especially the Dar Al-Hijra mosque in Falls Church, Virginia, have trained and launched numerous terrorists, including some of the 9/11 hijackers, the Ft. Hood shooter, and various others — yet democrats and ‪#‎cuckservatives‬ continually lavish praise and ceremonial honors upon such jihad training academies, visit them to pray, fundraise, and attend events, and run political interference for them, stupidly and dishonestly proclaiming “Islam is peace.”

I don’t give a rat’s ass if I offend you or anyone else by harshly telling the truth here. You can’t continue aiding and abetting our mortal enemies. We will not tolerate it.

I don’t worry much, either, if this message makes you want to send my personal details to whatever agencies. It would only further confirm what’s already obvious about your erstwhile treasonous agenda.

I’m urging you to cease and desist from that usual agenda, and start helping to protect our nation instead.

Donald Joy

Black Lives Matter Way Too Much

bernie-blm-2-e1439082727406 (1)

A black criminal resists or attacks a white cop or a mostly non-black watchman, and dies as a result, and the whole country spins wildly into paroxysms of hysteria.

Orgies of non-stop rioting and looting commence.  Police departments and municipal governments enact emergency measures, costing taxpayers millions upon millions of dollars.  Lawyers, politicians, and officials hustle to the microphones.  Reporters, analysts, and pundits go into hyper-drive.  Businesses burn to the ground.  Entire city blocks explode in flames and mayhem and murder.  The federal government doles out mountains of cash for leftist community agitators to go in and egg on the rioters, even while signing them up to vote.

Lather, douse with more gasoline, repeat.

Obese, loudmouthed black female troublemakers disrupt and completely hijack events where gray-haired, pale-faced Democrat men — candidates for president, no less — are shouted down and shoved aside, unable to give their scheduled speeches.  Last month it was former Maryland governor Martin O’Malley, sidelined and silenced by a BLM ringleader and her mob at the Netroots convention, and this past week it was Vermont senator Bernie Sanders, berated and browbeaten into submission by screaming black-power sheboons who stormed the stage and got in his face in Seattle.

Both men silently stood there, pushed off to the edge of their respective stages, as caterwauling, big-boned beasts with massive quaking flanks of chocolate ghetto blubber waved their arms and fists around wildly, bellowing #BlackLivesMatter guerrilla battle chants and propaganda into the illicitly-seized microphones.  Both men just sheepishly acquiesced in the general-threat aura of African terrorism.  Both men were supposed to have been the centers of attention, to set the tone and focus at their respective events in delivering their campaign messages.  Instead, the rampaging squads of militant black assholes did their thing, taking over the scenes entirely.

Even powerful Democrats are terrified by the aggressive black race-hustlers.  Almost everyone is afraid to speak up and tell the truth.

It isn’t just that all lives matter.  It’s that black lives matter far more than they should.

Yes, even the mostly nameless and faceless black casualties from the gangland beefs of our inner-cities and ‘hoods cost all of us too much:  If not for all that disastrous black dysfunction and crime, our cities, counties, and states could make do and prosper with only a fraction of the budgets & tax revenue spent on police, social services, handouts, projects, prisons, and programs.

Facing direly escalating costs to their careers, families, personal safety, legal liability and even their freedom, police officers are increasingly reluctant to dare try to enforce the law against black violators, or even defend themselves when feral blacks launch deadly criminal attacks.

Contrary to the lies of the Left, for decades leading up to the Trayvon Martin incident and since, blacks have been extremely more likely to commit violent crimes, and disproportionately less likely to be killed by police than whites, in relation to the comparative rates of violent crime in which members of the respective demographics are involved.

Now, as I write this on the one-year anniversary of Officer Darren Wilson having justly defended himself against the murderous, rampaging giant black drug fiend & robber Michael Brown, the African terrorist mobs in ‘Fergadishu,’ Missouri have suddenly begun their race riots and looting again, in Brown’s dishonorable memory.  As of last night, police are being shot at and attacked, and it’s total chaos and looting in those streets once more.  An official state of emergency has just been declared in Ferguson.

Seriously — it’s time to start shooting looters as a matter of official policy, and cutting our losses in other ways.  The lives of such criminals as Michael Brown, Eric Garner, Vonderrit Myers, and Freddie Gray really should not matter to our society anywhere near as much as we allow them to.  And the fact that such a huge number of blacks, whites, and of the overall population are pushing the #BlackLivesMatter b.s. — hijacking so much of our daily lives, attention, productivity, and property while they’re at it — shows that too many people have bought into the over-inflated sense of blacks as some sort of sacred beings among us.  It’s past time to burst the bubble, or at least let some air out of it.

Are You a “Cuckservative”? Take This Simple Quiz to Find Out!

In case you’re a bit late to the party, there’s a new and important political meme spreading, a game-changing litmus test for fortunes on the Right.  Some are still scratching their heads over what it’s all about, this #cuckservative thing.  I’m here to help sort it out.

Do you loudly crow about how morally reprehensible it is for anyone to say that Dylann Roof expressed legitimate grievances in his manifesto, but you think black men raping white women and murdering whites by the thousands are just sociological effects, about which we should only whisper?

Do you think those who advocate for white interests are a bigger threat to the Republican party image and electoral chances than politicians like Rand Paul and Jeb Bush, who abandon whites and pander to minorities in vain trying to get them to vote GOP?

Do you join Democrats in calling for even more measures to guarantee equal pay for women and men in similar jobs, regardless of employers’ prerogatives or natural circumstances?

Do you think the achievement gaps between races are attributable to failures of our socioeconomic systems and government, not innate differences among races?

Do you preach that most blacks and hispanics are at heart really conservatives, except they just don’t realize it yet?

Do you make sure to distance yourself from any white person who might postulate heresy on racial matters?

I think you’re getting the picture here.

As a good “cuck,” you take pains to argue for more legal immigration into the U.S.(from wherever), even while you feebly object to the ongoing waves of millions of illegals pouring in from the third world.

You’re cautious to explain that people of any and all ethnic nationalities can be expected to become good, loyal Americans, and not alter the essential character of our country no matter how many millions of them swarm in — so long as they “accept the rule of law” and the Constitution, etc.

You’d sooner denounce and ban the Confederate flag than the rainbow fudgepack-flag which flies at your workplace, because your bourgeois lifestyle, image, and sense of self-worth demand that you maintain your job and polite relationships with whoever.  Better that your children be taken camping by Dan Savage than anyone see you as some kind of hateful bigot!

You’re so terrified of being labelled a racist that you’ll eagerly continue to support or at least be quiet about anti-white trends, and angrily throw other whites under the bus if they try to stick up for white interests.

You’ll make sure everyone knows how much you revere Martin Luther King, while you wouldn’t be caught dead praising Jared Taylor.

You’ve been cuckolded by the anti-white elements pervading our politics.  You imagine that the invasion and rape of your nation by non-whites is happening under your own altruistic direction, even while you watch in the sick satisfaction of your ethno-masochistic expense, and you get a smug and sanctimonious feeling of superiority when you chastise, censor, and condemn anyone expressing ideas about preserving a white majority and protecting white interests.

You’re repulsed more by white racism than you are by the non-white predators and the perverts who are raping and murdering your wives, sons, and daughters, and you think the KKK are worse than mainstream whites actually paying to be out-bred by non-whites.  That makes you a disgusting and pathetic cuckservative.  What makes it even worse is that your conventional, play-it-safe mindset helps perpetuate the status quo, instead of pushing for radical change.

I Was Becoming a Carly Fiorina Fan Until I Saw This

In her interview with Katie Couric from May, Carly Fiorina went on and on about how if you don’t have a room full of “diversity” when making an important decision, you will not get the decision right.  For Fiorina, it’s all about hiring women (and of course anyone else who isn’t a straight white male), and she goes on at length insisting that a lack of diversity is, in and of itself, evidence of an absence of merit.

I had been inclined very favorably toward Fiorina, especially because of her ability to otherwise handle left-biased media encounters like this with supreme skill, until I saw the politically correct total b.s in this interview.

The remarks to which I refer begin at the 9:43 mark, and continue to 13:00.

Fiorina emphasizes, adamantly, that she believes that unless you have “true meritocracy,” you won’t have the diversity she advocates.  Pu-leeze.

She’s completely stellar in the rest of the long interview, on other important topics.  But I’m done with her.

America Was a Blip on the Timeline of History

Entities have identities.  To identify a nation, or anything else, is to define it.  That is, it must have specific limits — one must be able to tell what it is, largely by ruling out what it is not, implicitly and explicitly.  In the case of a country, there must be territorial boundaries.  It also has have additional characteristics to distinguish it from other countries.

That’s where America went wrong.  In trying to be all things to all people everywhere around the globe (not so much a place, necessarily, but an idea, of limitless opportunity and diversity), we have dissolved ourselves right out of existence.  Paradoxically, we’ve reached our limit on the timeline of history by not observing the limits which would allow us to continue as a nation.

It seems to the point where any person, anywhere on the planet may be declared to be “in the true spirit of what it is to be an American,” while anyone else who might dare to question that claim is suspected of a hate-crime.

When everything is up for grabs, you do not have identity.  You have an imaginary, formless jump-ball with no surface rubber or skin, a dry vapor, on a court with no boundaries in a game with no rules.  Chaos.

We have elected leaders who see the very idea of border and interior immigration enforcement as either cruel and immoral, or an undesirable impediment to commerce, or to continuing generational transfer-payments (or all of the above), and so they refuse to enforce immigration law to the point where our territorial identity has about vanished.

These same leaders give speeches in foreign lands, proclaiming themselves foremost to be citizens of the world.  The overall message is that national identity and integrity/sovereignty is something to be eschewed, in favor of a pan-global universalism wherein the United Nations is the governing body, and anyone holding out loyalties to a particular nation is a backward bigot.

Our eventual demise was baked into our founding documents from the beginning, really.  The Enlightenment gave us: “…all men are created equal.”  Nowadays, it’s all people (women too).  Therefore, everyone on the planet has just as much right as anyone else to proclaim themselves citizens of wherever.  The concept of American identity, then, becomes more and more meaningless, because if everyone everywhere has equal opportunity and identity, then comparatively no one really has any actual opportunity, nor any particular identity which can be verified.  Why bother, then, with borders or distinct cultures?

In the early-stage Enlightenment decades during and after America’s founding, the men who made the rules still firmly believed in racial hierarchy and ethnic nationalism, despite their professed egalitarian ideals.  For better or worse, all white men were ostensibly deemed to be created equal; black men were not really considered men, in the same way that a donkey is not a horse, even though the two share enough DNA to be able to produce offspring — which is a mule, not a horse.  I’m just stating facts here, regarding history, biology, identity, and our founders’ beliefs.

My, how things have changed.  Over time, equality and representative democracy mean everyone can vote, and just keep voting themselves more rights and more stuff, virtually to the point of “voting for a living.”  Conservatives and progressives alike accept and cherish the stated ideal of the Declaration of Independence, and we’ve watched it all hurtle toward the obliteration of all boundaries and limits.  Staggering debt means nothing, because it’s reached the point of being mathematically impossible to ever pay off.  Responsibility?  For chumps.

So we’re alive in the time of the unraveling of the national sweater our grandmothers knit to protect us from the elements.  And we haven’t yet found it worthwhile to knit anything new to replace it — it’s like we’ve gone nudist colony, in the cultural sense.  We’ve swallowed the Enlightenment idea that we won’t need a sweater to protect us from moral hazard, because after all, if everyone’s equal, everyone’s entitled to whatever territory and redistributed property, and so on.

It was a nice sweater while it lasted.

We do need new layers of skin and social fabric, to protect us and give us a distinguishable identity.  On the infinitely broad timeline of history, it will emerge to be seen where and how the lines and layers are drawn, constructed, and defended, and what name we will give the new entity.

The emperor really needs to get some clothes on.