Why Is Philando Castile’s Girlfriend Lying About Not Having Videotaped the Actual Shooting?

Well, well, well… What a tangled web of hair-weaves, when the race-hustlers practice to deceive!

Philando Castile’s girlfriend and passenger, Lavish “Diamond” Reynolds, has changed her story in multiple ways since Castile was shot by Officer Jeronimo Yenez during a traffic stop near St. Paul, Minnesota last Wednesday, July 6th.

In a previous version of this post, I went into more detail about various ways Reynolds has made inconsistent statements.  But to avoid bogging this down in those related details, I’ll get down to the main business at hand rather quickly, so as not to lose or confuse you.

The real reason Officer Jeronimo Yenez stopped Castile to begin with was (as recorded on police dispatch by Yenez) because Castile closely resembled a suspect wanted for an armed robbery at a nearby store four days earlier.

That’s not the bombshell; we’ve known that for almost a week now.  Stay with me for a minute….

The day after the shooting, Reynolds stormed the governor’s mansion amidst a wildly sympathetic crowd/press gaggle, and proceeded to scream and rant non-stop, telling outright lies about how the police treated her and questioned her.

A  woman asked her, “How were you able to figure out that you should put this on Facebook?”   Reynolds replied by going into a long tirade saying she wanted to show the world that “these police are not here to protect and serve us, but to assassinate us; they are here to kill us because we are black!!”

In mid-rant, she told the crowd that she didn’t capture the actual shooting on video because “…if I woulda moved while that gun was out, he woulda shot me too!!”

Given the point at which she did start live-streaming video, whether that statement even makes any sense is questionable.  But we didn’t have to wait long for her to make up something else….

Now comes the bombshell:  The next day, Reynolds spoke at a press conference and completely changed her explanation of why she didn’t get the shooting itself on video.

Ready?  Go to the 5:00 mark in this excerpt:

Did you catch that?

You hear Reynolds say, “…I was not able to get the actual shooting because I did not want that horrible act to be on social media…”  That’s a completely different reason than the one given the day before, by the way.

Most importantly, I say that remark is what poker players and con-artists call a “tell.”  She’s inadvertently telling us that she did film the shooting.

Think about it:  She claimed that she did not want to have video of “that horrible act” to be on social media.

Ask yourself, how could she have known that a “horrible act” was about to take place, in order to decide not to film it?  It doesn’t pass the smell test at all.  It’s so bizarrely illogical, we have to conclude that she came up with it in order to misdirect.

I say she filmed the entire stop, but switched over to live-streaming after the shooting.

She could not know of an impending “horrible act” – unless she was in on some sort of failed plan by Castile to try to shoot the police first, or, an insane plan to deliberately provoke police deadly force for some reason.

So why would she lie?  She’s misdirecting away from what’s stored on her phone.

What she’s really telling us (without intending to) is that she did make it possible for people to see the shooting and what led up to it, but now pretends otherwise.  She pretends she made the decision to start recording afterward.  But she’s too stupid, too addled from her constant illegal drug use (displayed in her own social media videos), and too illogical in her clumsy nonsense to trick everyone.

She’s trying to conceal the main piece of evidence which would sink her shakedown scam.  That is, the part of the video she’s pretending not to have recorded would exonerate Yenez, because for whatever reason, Castile refused to comply, and reached toward his gun when ordered not to reach.

We still don’t know for certain that Castile wasn’t the armed robber being sought.  If you examine the store video still frames, the two did look exactly alike, down to the features, clothing brands, and body.

Lavish Reynolds may be remembering the unfortunate incident in the video below, from a couple of years ago, and trying to use it as the template for her shakedown story:


Police still have custody of Reynolds’ phone while they conduct their investigation.  If I’m right about all this, can she be that much of a gambler as to think investigators wouldn’t discover the segment of video in question while examining the phone’s contents?

Maybe this case will be over more quickly than we expected.