Panic at the Disco: So This Gay Muslim Democrat Walks Into a Bar….

352ea01300000578-3638930-image-a-37_1465819624229How much more cultural enrichment can we take?  The bodies continue to pile up.

Florida-based Islamic Caliphate field rep Omar Mateen had more red flags flapping than a Chinese military parade, yet as with Ft. Hood psychia-terror-ist Maj. Nidal Hasan, the feds saw no evil, heard no evil, and found no probable cause until it was too late.  Afterward, they still can’t get themselves to acknowledge the unbroken connection between the original Islamic mass-murderer, the alleged prophet Mohammed himself, and Mohammedans of today.

Nowhere and nobody is safe from Manifest Diversity now.  Just when Hispanic trannies thought it was safe to go into whichever bathroom they felt comfortable at the moment, in barges bi-curious/conflicted security officer Allahu Akbar, guns-a-blazing to drown out the thumping bass, rain on the pride parade, and ruin the fabulous fudge party in the name of Islamic supremacy.

Mateen, though, sure was sensitive to the #BlackLivesMatter bunch during his overnight Sharia patrol inside the Pulse nightclub in Orlando last week.  Some black survivors report that he was asking people who were hiding within bathroom stalls if they were black, and if they replied yes, he said, “I don’t have a problem with black people.  This is about my country.  You guys suffered enough,” as he resumed blasting his non-black victims to death, pumping bullets into his swishy Puerto Rican & caucasian clubgoing targets, his enlightened respect for the African-American experience duly noted for the record.

No wonder the mulatto Muslim Obama got so upset at the idea that someone like Donald Trump would object to Mateen’s free exercise of religion, social justice, & ethnic cleansing.

Oh, and by the way, in saying “my country,” Mateen – despite having been born and raised here in the United States – meant Afghanistan.  So much for the idea of Muslims who are U.S. citizens being presumably loyal Americans.

Anyway, just why did we round up Japanese, Germans, and Italians of dubious loyalty to the United States after the Pearl Harbor attack, and put them in internment camps, far away from places where they might conduct guerilla acts of sabotage or terrorism here on our soil?  People have been brainwashed to believe that was “a dark chapter” in our country’s history, and something we ought to be ashamed of.

Bullshit. The moral reasoning for doing what we did then is being proved sound with each new horrific Islamic terror attack in the U.S. and Europe, and everywhere else for that matter.

We should have rounded Muslims up immediately after September 11th, 2001, and we keep on paying the very steep price for not doing so.

We didn’t have any Japanese acts of sabotage or Kamikaze attacks on our homeland after Pearl Harbor for obvious reasons.  Our modern “watchlists” aren’t worth a crap – the so-called authorities have neither the political will nor the manpower to watch an infinite and growing number of suspects – you have to actually remove the threat far and away from vulnerable targets until the war is decided.

The fact that we’ve had countless Islamic attacks and plots across this land since 9/11, including dirty-nuke plotter Jose Padilla, Little Rock, Ft. Hood, shoe-bomber Richard Reid, the underwear bomber, San Bernardino, Chattanooga, Times Square, JFK, the Ft. Dix Six, the Boston Marathon bombings, and Orlando (just a sampling of the total) make it painfully obvious that our society simply lacks the will to survive.

Why do we lack the will to survive, as a nation?  Because we are not truly a nation any longer, in the natural sense.  Nothing biologically or culturally binds us together anymore.  We’re too diverse, with too many divided loyalties and disparate agendas pulling in every direction.

Our Constitution has become a suicide pact.  Discrimination is the most moral thing a person, society, or government can do, yet somewhere along the line our majority got hypnotized into believing that it’s a bad thing.

When we were a 90% white country, along with a reasonable amount/admixture of diversity, and heterosexual white men unashamedly asserted the privileges and prerogatives of leadership, it was possible to reach relative consensus about what we had to do to protect innocents like little 8-year-old Martin Richard, slaughtered by naturalized Mohammedan immigrants at the Boston Marathon finish line.

Alas, there are no “safe spaces” when your government forces you, at gunpoint, to embrace overwhelming, anti-American diversity.