John Kasich: Too Much of a Pussy to Tell Derelict Women to Get Back in Their Kitchens

gov-john-kasichRepublican presidential candidate and current Ohio governor John Kasich is under fire for recently having described how he got elected to his first political office back in 1978.

Kasich told an audience at George Mason University in Fairfax, Virginia, yesterday that he won a seat in the Ohio state Senate with the support of many women, who left their kitchens to go out and go door-to-door and put yard signs up for me.  All the way back when — you know, things were different.  Now you call homes and everybody’s out working.  But at that time, early days, it was an army of women that really helped me get elected to the state Senate.”

Nothing wrong at all with him or anyone having said something like that; in fact nowadays we need much more of it.

For obvious reasons, the Left are going hog wild, pouncing on this latest opportunity to scream and holler about alleged misogynistic bigotry from old white Republican men.

Unfortunately, castrated Kasich — like almost every single other scaredy-cat/cuckservative white man in the public eye — under the usual onslaught of the political correctness gestapo, is of course apologizing & explaining defensively only, not aggressively firing back.

I’m not a Kasich supporter in this GOP nomination race.  What we need are leaders who will chastise these derelict women and tell them to get back into the kitchens and homes of their families, and stop all this abandoning of their natural gender-role responsibilities; stop all this competing with/displacing men in the workplace, stop butchering their unborn babies, and so on.

When women gained their equality, they lost their superiority.

I have no problem with women who are exceptions to the rules of gender roles, but those roles must mainly remain intact for civilization to exist.

Society is falling apart; the institution of the family is under constant attack and barely hanging on.  As a country, we’re subsidizing and encouraging illegitimacy, single parenthood, feral & violent youth, and a perpetual cycle of dysfunction by pretending that there’s nothing wrong with women acting like men.

If old, white Republican men don’t chastise the slut culture and the wayward, willful women who too often abandon their natural function in life, who will?  Certainly not the leftist destroyers of society.  They’re too busy shoving transgenderism onto our schoolchildren and transforming our military forces into a completely feminized farce.

Incidentally, my wife approves of this post.