Allahu FUBAR: You Don’t Win A War By Doing Background Checks

fake-syrian-refugees3About the most ruthless thing our current government can summon the will to do about the threat our society faces from invading Mohammedan savages is to pretend to be able to “vet” them as they pour into the United States to do their hijra jihad.

Please.  Even if those endless hordes of wild donkeys and rabid wolves could be thoroughly checked out, and even if nothing turns up as far as officially-recognized red/yellow flags in however many cases, the fact remains that the overwhelming majority of them are, nonetheless, Muslims — and that means they are by nature, at the minimum, latent terrorists, at whatever stage of training and development.

A moderate, peaceful Muslim is really just a nominal adherent who has not yet learned how to be a true follower of Mohammed, Islam’s “perfect man,” and wage bloody jihad, as he did, to spread his murder cult by terror.

Or, as the saying goes, “a radical Muslim wants to behead you; a moderate Muslim wants a radical Muslim to behead you.”

You don’t win a war against a ruthless enemy by being half-assed and naive.  You win by being more ruthless than the enemy.  If you have to round them up from your midst, and/or kill their entire family, village, city, or country, you execute that imperative before they do it to you and yours.  Period.


3 thoughts on “Allahu FUBAR: You Don’t Win A War By Doing Background Checks

  1. Islam is far more than a mere “religion.” It is a way of government, of society, of conforming to the orders of imams and others whose lust for power compels them to lord over all people. Islam basically means “submission.” Islam is ALIEN TO WESTERN WAYS and must not be allowed to infest the USA. Other free countries are also at risk.

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