Black Lives Matter Way Too Much

bernie-blm-2-e1439082727406 (1)

A black criminal resists or attacks a white cop or a mostly non-black watchman, and dies as a result, and the whole country spins wildly into paroxysms of hysteria.

Orgies of non-stop rioting and looting commence.  Police departments and municipal governments enact emergency measures, costing taxpayers millions upon millions of dollars.  Lawyers, politicians, and officials hustle to the microphones.  Reporters, analysts, and pundits go into hyper-drive.  Businesses burn to the ground.  Entire city blocks explode in flames and mayhem and murder.  The federal government doles out mountains of cash for leftist community agitators to go in and egg on the rioters, even while signing them up to vote.

Lather, douse with more gasoline, repeat.

Obese, loudmouthed black female troublemakers disrupt and completely hijack events where gray-haired, pale-faced Democrat men — candidates for president, no less — are shouted down and shoved aside, unable to give their scheduled speeches.  Last month it was former Maryland governor Martin O’Malley, sidelined and silenced by a BLM ringleader and her mob at the Netroots convention, and this past week it was Vermont senator Bernie Sanders, berated and browbeaten into submission by screaming black-power sheboons who stormed the stage and got in his face in Seattle.

Both men silently stood there, pushed off to the edge of their respective stages, as caterwauling, big-boned beasts with massive quaking flanks of chocolate ghetto blubber waved their arms and fists around wildly, bellowing #BlackLivesMatter guerrilla battle chants and propaganda into the illicitly-seized microphones.  Both men just sheepishly acquiesced in the general-threat aura of African terrorism.  Both men were supposed to have been the centers of attention, to set the tone and focus at their respective events in delivering their campaign messages.  Instead, the rampaging squads of militant black assholes did their thing, taking over the scenes entirely.

Even powerful Democrats are terrified by the aggressive black race-hustlers.  Almost everyone is afraid to speak up and tell the truth.

It isn’t just that all lives matter.  It’s that black lives matter far more than they should.

Yes, even the mostly nameless and faceless black casualties from the gangland beefs of our inner-cities and ‘hoods cost all of us too much:  If not for all that disastrous black dysfunction and crime, our cities, counties, and states could make do and prosper with only a fraction of the budgets & tax revenue spent on police, social services, handouts, projects, prisons, and programs.

Facing direly escalating costs to their careers, families, personal safety, legal liability and even their freedom, police officers are increasingly reluctant to dare try to enforce the law against black violators, or even defend themselves when feral blacks launch deadly criminal attacks.

Contrary to the lies of the Left, for decades leading up to the Trayvon Martin incident and since, blacks have been extremely more likely to commit violent crimes, and disproportionately less likely to be killed by police than whites, in relation to the comparative rates of violent crime in which members of the respective demographics are involved.

Now, as I write this on the one-year anniversary of Officer Darren Wilson having justly defended himself against the murderous, rampaging giant black drug fiend & robber Michael Brown, the African terrorist mobs in ‘Fergadishu,’ Missouri have suddenly begun their race riots and looting again, in Brown’s dishonorable memory.  As of last night, police are being shot at and attacked, and it’s total chaos and looting in those streets once more.  An official state of emergency has just been declared in Ferguson.

Seriously — it’s time to start shooting looters as a matter of official policy, and cutting our losses in other ways.  The lives of such criminals as Michael Brown, Eric Garner, Vonderrit Myers, and Freddie Gray really should not matter to our society anywhere near as much as we allow them to.  And the fact that such a huge number of blacks, whites, and of the overall population are pushing the #BlackLivesMatter b.s. — hijacking so much of our daily lives, attention, productivity, and property while they’re at it — shows that too many people have bought into the over-inflated sense of blacks as some sort of sacred beings among us.  It’s past time to burst the bubble, or at least let some air out of it.


56 thoughts on “Black Lives Matter Way Too Much

  1. John Mathis

    That disgustingly nasty excuse for a human being that interrupted Bernie Sanders at his event makes me ashamed to be a human being. For the authorities to allow that to happen is a descrace and proves to me that there is a hidden agenda going on that we will find out about way to late. Even two years ago those scumbags that got up on that stage would of been arrested or at least thrown out of the venue and rightfully so. I am absolutely appalled by the behavior of the majority of the African American race and something will be done about it very soon. ONE WAY or ANOTHER!


  2. Malcom X was right all along, integrating with the most savage, murderous rapists the world has ever know is the worst thing that has ever happened to black people. We should have stayed to ourselves and let you wallow in your own filth. But don’t cry now, payback is a bitch.


    1. So how do you explain the savage conditions that still pervade and persist in Africa? How do explain that the rates of white violence crime in the U.S. being NOWHERE NEAR the extreme rates of violent crime done by blacks in the U.S.? Blacks are only about 13% of our population, but commit over 50% of murders and robberies.


      1. Well Donald, you seem to missing the common theme here, White people. Every part of the world that where why people set up colonies through savagery continues to be savage, wonder why that is. You ran amok raping and pillaging the land. And when you finish you leave a baron wasteland and then sit back and wonder why people act the way they do. You spread savagery across the globe don’t cry about it now. BTW, why are whites responsible for 60% of rapes, 64% of all violent crime and 58% of crimes against women and children? Your savagery continues you just like to hide behind statistics about blacks so you can pretend that your ways have changed, when they haven’t.



        1. Your stats are bogus(never mind that whites are still almost 70% of our population), mine are from the FBI Uniform Crime Reports.

          As for the old blame-whitey angle, let’s suppose it had some validity to whatever degree. If blacks can never be responsible for anything, that means they are perpetual children, no?

          You can’t keep a good man down, goes the old saying. So if someone’s keeping you down, you must not be a good man.

          Whites actually lifted blacks up into the modern world.

          Mohammed Ali said, after returning from a title fight in Africa, “Thank God my granddaddy got on that boat!!”


    2. John Mathis

      Remember those words that you so elegantly wrote down, life is a bitch live with it. What goes around always has a sick sense of humor and comes rite on back around.

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  3. Malcom X was right all along, Integration was the worst thing that ever happened to black people. We picked up your savage and filthy ways. Oh well to late now, deal with what you created.


  4. Truth

    Black lives stopped being worth a shiny dime once we decided to end slavery.
    These unevolved creatures are clearly better off dead, for all parties concerned.


    1. Up above, you said Garnier case/Conner case. It’s Garner and Connor, not Garnier and Conner. If you’re advising others as to research directions, it’s good to give accurate information.

      As I’ve discussed at length in my own multiple articles addressing the Slager case on, both those cases are relevant to the Slager case. But your comments are nonetheless appreciated, art!


  5. art tart

    Donald Joy ~ Many at the CTH whom are not lawyers, they just read legal documents therefore they think the Garnier vs. William’s case is the ONLY case that pertains to Officer Slager’s shooting of Scott.

    This Article gives another case in fact & sites how muddled Slager’s case is when pertainning to Garnier vs. WIlliams it may not be his saving grace as many are banking on. (feel free to use this link in your comments, I won’t be using it again, I just wanted your thoughts for myself.)

    Here is the case/article/opinion:

    “The Supreme Court Precedent For The Walter Scott Shooting”

    It should be noted that both Garner and Graham concern the minimum standards police must comply with under the Constitution. The state of South Carolina remains free to hold its police to a higher standard than this minimum. Slager’s murder trial is likely to focus on whether the officer’s actions violate state law, rather than focusing narrowly on constitutional minimums.

    In addition, we still don’t know what Slager told Detectives before the video appeared when he was fired immediately. That makes me concerned as to what was said & should concern everyone looking for the truth but have disregarded all the unknown evidence. (just imo)


    1. art tart

      In addition, what if Slager had told Investigators that “Scott had his taser beside him when he died & that he picked it up & holstered it?”

      See the problem? See the problem that Slager was immediately fired when the video appeared? I never believed Slager knew the guy was videoing him when he moved the taser, dropped it next to Scott, then picked it up again.

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      1. art tart

        You’re right, sorry.

        There are 2 different cases some are comparing the Slager in the article that are listed for you upthread @ the thinkprogress link..

        It too stated:

        “The state of South Carolina remains free to hold its police to a higher standard than this minimum.”

        The Garnier Case/the Conner case, 2 different cases.

        Most at CTH compares Slager’s case to the Garnier Case, someone awhile back, maybe legalinsurrection or another, I can’t remember, used the Connor case as an example for the Slager case.

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  6. lisarichardsrocknrollpolitics

    Reblogged this on Lisa Richards: Rock N' Roll Politics and commented:
    A must read by a fabulous and authentic journalist who tells the truth, doesn’t hide facts to make you fell good, but expose the lies you need to wake up from and to. To my readers, please read this post by Donald Joy and sign up for his blog!


  7. art tart

    Donald ~ I left you this link @ CTH, but I don’t know if you have gone back to that link, I knew if I left it here, you’d get it for sure. A link you might get your answer from somewhere else besides Wilson. This Attorney MAY give you the answer you want.

    “Who Decides Whether the Jurors Consider the Lesser-Included Offenses: Trial Judge or Defendant?”

    (from the Argument:)

    “Second, our Supreme Court might want to intervene to clarify the respective roles of the trial judge and the defendant in the decision whether to request the lesser-included offense.”

    I have 3 thoughts:

    (1) Murder will be difficult to prove.

    (2) A lesser included, IDK. The jury might compromise on a lesser included.

    (3) W/the charge of “murder,” I assume there will be 12 jurors, I see maybe a hung jury or a compromise by the jury. Just speculating.


    1. I just replied to you at CTH, and I concur. Jury will hang or acquit on murder for Slager, but if instructed to consider manslaughter, probably will convict. Although there is that possibility a single juror or multiple jurors refuse to convict on any charge.

      I look forward to Slager getting a robust defense. I’d think his attorney Andy Savage would be attracting helpers eager to make names for themselves putting that defense together. Ideally, someone directs them also to the Treehouse/Last Refuge.

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  8. The Truth

    If you’re white and part of the Democrat party you’re part of the problem with your white guilt and politically correct crap. White people are constantly under attack in this Country even if they defend themselves against a criminal that happens to be black. If Mike Brown was white this wouldn’t even have gotten Media coverage one bit. It would have just been another story about a criminal that stole from a store, assaulted a store clerk, and attacked a cop. I love how the DEMONcrat party is great at dividing a Nation instead of bringing it together.

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      1. Nice blog. I just stumbled on it via twitter retweet. I put the lion’s share of blame on cuckservatives. They are the one’s elected and chosen to stand up to the anti-white left liberal agenda and they have done nothing but make a fantastic living brokering our complete surrender to every destructive initiative demanded by the other side. At least with liberals and non-whites, they are open about their desire to create a world without whitey.

        The cuckservative culling was a long time coming and they will continue evaporating as white people abandon them for leaders with the moral courage to speak real talk about this catastrophic racial conflict pushed by the left. Our current batch of “leaders” on the right are nothing but liars, fools, con-men and cowards. The void of leadership will be filled. And it won’t be with more of the same “reasonable” cucks who got us into this problem.

        This is a global struggle as they are now attempting to flood Europe with millions of black savages from Africa. We’re going to have to start doing the hard work to create a new destiny separate from the liberals and their diversity anchor.

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        1. Thank you, Martin. Your comments are accurate! Nature abhors a vacuum, and right now Trump appears to be filling the vacuum remaining due to the cuckservatives’ failure to thwart Obongo and the diversity invasion….we will see if Trump is the real deal or not!


    1. art tart

      LMAO! Just like Jesse Jackson Sr. was a former Black Panther though RARELY mentioned, it is always mentioned that David Duke, (I live in La., D. Duke ran for political office here, it’s his home state,) is always referred to as the “Former Grand Dragon of the KKK!”

      You can’t make this crap up, if you live long enough, you see these political hypocrites have their former positions come back to bite them in the butt.

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  9. Just ran across your site today and really enjoyed the article. The Black race is an anchor around our necks and we’ll never have peace and prosperity while sharing a country with them. The White race could have colonized another planet, given out free health care and education had we not been strapped with the cost of feeding, clothing and caring for these parasites. I see no way this thing ends without much more violence.

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    1. art tart

      Dan Reardon shared ~ “I see no way this thing ends without much more violence.”

      I wholeheartedly agree w/you sir, there will be blood, likely that of LE Officer’s trying to protect businesses/citizens only doing their jobs trying to protect/serve while thugs & criminals shoot/loot/beat the innocent/& burn to the ground businesses of hard working folks employing citizens.

      There was a group of men patroling Ferguson w/arms, NOT LE, & “LE has told them to go home.” It would be dangerous, but it seems if they armed themselves w/cameras & video recorders/camera phones catching on video those committing crimes when this event takes place, they could get LE to bring charges against the criminals w/that proof. (I know they would need concealed permits for a gun, they would need it as the thugs are even attacking media w/videos for that reason.)

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  10. Jay

    Plainly and accurately stated, the way written opinions on important topics should be done. I didn’t realize this was D. Joy until looking at the comments. Mr. Joy is one of the finest chroniclers of this descent into dystopian hell that is the U.S. in 2015.

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      1. Jay

        Yes, it was ClashDaily and I’ve been back there looking for your work. You’re a clear eyed man and unafraid to address these outrageous, previously inconceivable trends in our culture and nation. I’ll be looking for your work in the future and thanks for it.

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          1. All I’m saying, is that other folks might looking at this thread but be a little off-put that all you have to offer on the Red State article is ad-hominems, indicating a lack of substantive counter-arguments.


          2. That is a fair point. However, the post you linked (that is, this post) was extremely short on actual logic or facts and high on feelings, so there wasn’t a whole lot to discuss in the first place (not to mention the fact that it was pretty off-topic).

            On the other hand, the Red State post about Ferguson is a pretty in-depth look at the DoJ report, and directly contradicts points you are making in your blog; so one would expect that if you do have a substantive platform, you’d be able to make actual arguments instead of falling back on generic insults.


          3. What I say in my screed happens to be true, even if I didn’t take the trouble to post statistics and laborious documentation, etc. Neither does even the agenda-driven, cherry-picked and slanted stuff in the DOJ report on Ferguson contradict anything I wrote. In case you didn’t know, it’s okay to write color-commentary as often as one desires.

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    1. hitrestart1

      The stats cited in that article are the same sort of stats the DOJ uses to claim “blacks are unfairly targeted.” For instance, stating “African Americans are 2.07 times more likely to be searched during a vehicular stop….”. First, the African American population in Ferguson is over twice the white population, so it stands to reason they’d be stopped twice as much. Second, any other disparities are brought on by ~ let’s face it ~ world renowned black behavior. If the cops use more for force when dealing with blacks, has it occurred to anyone it’s because the cops are responding to violence?

      Black males aged 15-34 make up only 3% of the total US population but commit almost half of all murders. According to 2012 FBI crime statistics, they are responsible for: 54.9% of all robberies, 49.4% of all murders, 34.1% of all aggravated assaults, and 32.5% of forcible rapes.

      So the fact that a writer over at the dubious RedState site is now regurgitating DOJ stats means little to nothing to most. RedState is a GOP owned and run website. GOP should never be confused with conservatives, as GOP values are much more akin to leftists.

      The ONE point I agree with that article on is the issue of having no community service options in place of fines for those who can’t afford to pay fines. That should and must change.

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  11. LoveSharkBaby


    In a culture where thought is reduced to bumper sticker, slogans and hashtags, do people actually expect a presidential candidate to alienate one part of the electorate to mitigate the rage of another?

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  12. Bob Wells


    “as caterwauling, big-boned beasts with massive quaking flanks of chocolate ghetto blubber waved their arms and fists around wildly”. When I read this, I couldn’t stop laughing for 20 minutes straight. What a great description of this wildebeest migration known as the “Black Lives Matter” movement, more like a bowel movement.


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  13. art tart

    Donald Joy ~ thanks for the article/videos, well said.

    I don’t know if you read it or not but NY Times did an article on D. Wilson recently. I’m really saddened by consequences of both D. Wilson/GZ imposed by thugs imagining a cause that never existed.. D. Wilson was found guilty of nothing, he was only trying to “protect/serve.”

    ‘Article on Darren Wilson Offers Window on His Life After Ferguson Shooting’

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