Black Lives Matter Way Too Much

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A black criminal resists or attacks a white cop or a mostly non-black watchman, and dies as a result, and the whole country spins wildly into paroxysms of hysteria.

Orgies of non-stop rioting and looting commence.  Police departments and municipal governments enact emergency measures, costing taxpayers millions upon millions of dollars.  Lawyers, politicians, and officials hustle to the microphones.  Reporters, analysts, and pundits go into hyper-drive.  Businesses burn to the ground.  Entire city blocks explode in flames and mayhem and murder.  The federal government doles out mountains of cash for leftist community agitators to go in and egg on the rioters, even while signing them up to vote.

Lather, douse with more gasoline, repeat.

Obese, loudmouthed black female troublemakers disrupt and completely hijack events where gray-haired, pale-faced Democrat men — candidates for president, no less — are shouted down and shoved aside, unable to give their scheduled speeches.  Last month it was former Maryland governor Martin O’Malley, sidelined and silenced by a BLM ringleader and her mob at the Netroots convention, and this past week it was Vermont senator Bernie Sanders, berated and browbeaten into submission by screaming black-power sheboons who stormed the stage and got in his face in Seattle.

Both men silently stood there, pushed off to the edge of their respective stages, as caterwauling, big-boned beasts with massive quaking flanks of chocolate ghetto blubber waved their arms and fists around wildly, bellowing #BlackLivesMatter guerrilla battle chants and propaganda into the illicitly-seized microphones.  Both men just sheepishly acquiesced in the general-threat aura of African terrorism.  Both men were supposed to have been the centers of attention, to set the tone and focus at their respective events in delivering their campaign messages.  Instead, the rampaging squads of militant black assholes did their thing, taking over the scenes entirely.

Even powerful Democrats are terrified by the aggressive black race-hustlers.  Almost everyone is afraid to speak up and tell the truth.

It isn’t just that all lives matter.  It’s that black lives matter far more than they should.

Yes, even the mostly nameless and faceless black casualties from the gangland beefs of our inner-cities and ‘hoods cost all of us too much:  If not for all that disastrous black dysfunction and crime, our cities, counties, and states could make do and prosper with only a fraction of the budgets & tax revenue spent on police, social services, handouts, projects, prisons, and programs.

Facing direly escalating costs to their careers, families, personal safety, legal liability and even their freedom, police officers are increasingly reluctant to dare try to enforce the law against black violators, or even defend themselves when feral blacks launch deadly criminal attacks.

Contrary to the lies of the Left, for decades leading up to the Trayvon Martin incident and since, blacks have been extremely more likely to commit violent crimes, and disproportionately less likely to be killed by police than whites, in relation to the comparative rates of violent crime in which members of the respective demographics are involved.

Now, as I write this on the one-year anniversary of Officer Darren Wilson having justly defended himself against the murderous, rampaging giant black drug fiend & robber Michael Brown, the African terrorist mobs in ‘Fergadishu,’ Missouri have suddenly begun their race riots and looting again, in Brown’s dishonorable memory.  As of last night, police are being shot at and attacked, and it’s total chaos and looting in those streets once more.  An official state of emergency has just been declared in Ferguson.

Seriously — it’s time to start shooting looters as a matter of official policy, and cutting our losses in other ways.  The lives of such criminals as Michael Brown, Eric Garner, Vonderrit Myers, and Freddie Gray really should not matter to our society anywhere near as much as we allow them to.  And the fact that such a huge number of blacks, whites, and of the overall population are pushing the #BlackLivesMatter b.s. — hijacking so much of our daily lives, attention, productivity, and property while they’re at it — shows that too many people have bought into the over-inflated sense of blacks as some sort of sacred beings among us.  It’s past time to burst the bubble, or at least let some air out of it.