Are You a “Cuckservative”? Take This Simple Quiz to Find Out!

In case you’re a bit late to the party, there’s a new and important political meme spreading, a game-changing litmus test for fortunes on the Right.  Some are still scratching their heads over what it’s all about, this #cuckservative thing.  I’m here to help sort it out.

Do you loudly crow about how morally reprehensible it is for anyone to say that Dylann Roof expressed legitimate grievances in his manifesto, but you think black men raping white women and murdering whites by the thousands are just sociological effects, about which we should only whisper?

Do you think those who advocate for white interests are a bigger threat to the Republican party image and electoral chances than politicians like Rand Paul and Jeb Bush, who abandon whites and pander to minorities in vain trying to get them to vote GOP?

Do you join Democrats in calling for even more measures to guarantee equal pay for women and men in similar jobs, regardless of employers’ prerogatives or natural circumstances?

Do you think the achievement gaps between races are attributable to failures of our socioeconomic systems and government, not innate differences among races?

Do you preach that most blacks and hispanics are at heart really conservatives, except they just don’t realize it yet?

Do you make sure to distance yourself from any white person who might postulate heresy on racial matters?

I think you’re getting the picture here.

As a good “cuck,” you take pains to argue for more legal immigration into the U.S.(from wherever), even while you feebly object to the ongoing waves of millions of illegals pouring in from the third world.

You’re cautious to explain that people of any and all ethnic nationalities can be expected to become good, loyal Americans, and not alter the essential character of our country no matter how many millions of them swarm in — so long as they “accept the rule of law” and the Constitution, etc.

You’d sooner denounce and ban the Confederate flag than the rainbow fudgepack-flag which flies at your workplace, because your bourgeois lifestyle, image, and sense of self-worth demand that you maintain your job and polite relationships with whoever.  Better that your children be taken camping by Dan Savage than anyone see you as some kind of hateful bigot!

You’re so terrified of being labelled a racist that you’ll eagerly continue to support or at least be quiet about anti-white trends, and angrily throw other whites under the bus if they try to stick up for white interests.

You’ll make sure everyone knows how much you revere Martin Luther King, while you wouldn’t be caught dead praising Jared Taylor.

You’ve been cuckolded by the anti-white elements pervading our politics.  You imagine that the invasion and rape of your nation by non-whites is happening under your own altruistic direction, even while you watch in the sick satisfaction of your ethno-masochistic expense, and you get a smug and sanctimonious feeling of superiority when you chastise, censor, and condemn anyone expressing ideas about preserving a white majority and protecting white interests.

You’re repulsed more by white racism than you are by the non-white predators and the perverts who are raping and murdering your wives, sons, and daughters, and you think the KKK are worse than mainstream whites actually paying to be out-bred by non-whites.  That makes you a disgusting and pathetic cuckservative.  What makes it even worse is that your conventional, play-it-safe mindset helps perpetuate the status quo, instead of pushing for radical change.


23 thoughts on “Are You a “Cuckservative”? Take This Simple Quiz to Find Out!

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  2. I’d say I agree with “color blindness”, but not in a way most demoKKKrats think of it. Even in overly PC Europe — they have people like Thilo Sarrazin (the guy who wrote a controversial book titled Germany abolishes herself — touching very harshly on the immigration problem in Germany) who speak out in opposition to color blindness, but I believe plain and blunt “opposition” is just an easy (and not the best) way to go.

    Essentially, herr Sarrazin says this. There happen to be groups of people who on average integrate into German (read: American) society, and those who don’t. Arabs and peoples from sub-Sahel Africa mostly don’t. People from Eastern Europe and South East Asia tend to do very well, up to the point that the children of the immigrants of those origins may well do better in math and science vs “native” Germans in schools. Long-term success of Germany (ditto is mostly true of America) is dependent on scientists and engineers and highly skilled workers whose genius and industriousness gets implemented in Siemens/MB/BMW/younameit “made in Germany” equipment purchased so eagerly around the globe — much more so than it does on small grocery store owners (Turks/Arabs), kebab makers and unqualified workforce. The conclusion is simple — non-color-blind picking of immigrants.

    While I tend to somewhat agree with mr. Sarrazin — I also believe in individualism. I am a “racist” in that whenever I hear of, say, a black person, I am more inclined to think of an “Obama son”, a low-life ghetto hoodlum (of either gender), as opposed to, say, Dr. Condoleezza Rice or Gen. Colin Powell. Yeah, the statistics is with me. I am likewise inclined to check black politician’s claims more thoroughly vs ones made by a white or Asian guy. That said, I am ready to recognize a good person as such regardless of ethnic origin, black, white, red or yellow. I’d say individual merit and score-based admission systems are much more of the way to do, as opposed to ethnic/national origin filtering when it comes to accepting immigrants in the first world countries. The “color-blindness” of a properly designed score-based admission system is really ephemeral, as it would very likely give a disproportionate advantage to whites and people of south-east Asian origin as opposed to blacks, arabs or south-american commies of mixed black+amerindian origin. The filter should be built in a way such that an Ibn Khaldoun (medieval arab scientist) would pass the filter, and an allakhuakbarred millions of allakhuakbarred terrorists would not.

    The above policy could be extended onto welfare things like child support. You really want children, but not all of ’em. A welfare queen with 15 children by 5 baby daddies of whom 4 are in jail is not something you really want. What you do are children who are likely to become law-abiding taxpayers. In a country of Singapore, they evil rayciss and fascists have gone lengths to investigate the ways that produce socially “desired” children as mentioned above. They happen to be complete heterosexual families where both parents have at least a BS degree from a university. In a fascist world Singapore is leading the way to, the above-mentioned welfare queen would be mandated to undergo Norplant shots every year after the first baby to keep potential access to any government assistance, while a “proper” family as described above would start getting very significant tax cuts for their 3d child.

    The result of the above policies in America would lead to a less white America as compared to the US with pre-1965 laws — but still a lot more white (with a significant yellow slant) vs what the “progressives”, obsessed with their idea of equality-no-matter-what, would want — but also much better positioned vs any competition in the world.

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  3. Chris D.

    These “colorblind” Republicans are on a suicide mission to prove themselves worthy of being true ‘murricans. They’re the last of their kind, happy to go out with a whimper instead of a bang. Is there a more pathetic example of being cuckolded than these people?

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    1. a more pathetic example?

      try the UK government’s response to the Sexual Holocaust of Rotherham

      thousands of White Girls raped & prostituted by the paki presence, yet arresting white parents trying to save their children

      the murder of veteran lee rigby, disarmed by his own government, who made sure his killers were armed w/ knives and a car

      in france, the charlie hebdo attack, by immigrants armed w/ weapons illegal, yet readily accessed by all nonwhites accross the EUssr/EUrabia

      as for the jews, look up barbara specter’s video, bragging about the leading role jews had brining multiculturalism to europe. or susan sontag, calling the White Race, the “cancer” of history

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  4. LOL – Don you crack me up! I’ve been making my own list:

    You might be a Cuckoid if you think:

    You think the only Biological difference between a Negro and a White MAN is the color of their skin. Retard!

    When others identify you as White, you say, “I don’t see color, I’m an American and we’re all the same”. Faggot!

    You cringe when you see a 1950’s picture of a “Whites Only” drinking fountain.

    You think there’s a difference between Islam and “Radical” Islam.

    You like to brag, “Democrats are responsible for Jim Crow, Segregation, and the KKK”!

    That Mexicans are hard workers and just want to make a better life for themselves. You would do the same thing.. LOL, you’re stupid AND a fag!

    You’re “proud” your state/country elected a Black/Hispanic/Sikh Governor-Senator-President

    Are always quoting MLK and often are overheard saying, “He’s a National Hero”.

    You want “America to be great again”, but pretend that you don’t know that White and Whiteness is what made it great in the first place.

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  5. I see the modern-day Propaganda Ministers have done their job well, at least where you are concerned. It is true that political correctness is a cancer on our society, and it leads to self-censorship. However, there is an opposite and equally dangerous side to this coin. When the media and Hollywood (tools of the Propaganda Minister) convince the ignorant sheeple that Those People are out to get them, they will demonize an entire race. Even though the perpetrators of the heinous acts that you described in your article are a tiny minority of a minority.
    Joseph Goebbels, the famous Nazi Propaganda Minister, perfected this technique to a fine art. He convinced the German people that Jews were a threat. So they looked the other way during the Holocaust, even though they all knew full well what was going on.
    And it’s still working today. That’s why Americans are trying their best to look the other way from the Planned Parenthood Holocaust.
    We as a nation, all of us of all colors, are in deep trouble. “Divide and Conquer” is working just like the oligarchs planned. And your article is proof of that.


    1. You ignore the broader picture. As a cuck, you have nothing to say about the fact that we cannot have European-derived culture for our society without a European-derived majority. Whites were over 90% of our population just a few decades ago, now rapidly dwindling toward minority status. But it’s all good, right?


    2. Joel P.

      Jes, you’re an idiot.

      We were already united when we were 90%+ white 50 years ago. We had a black underclass, yes, but not nearly the racial obsession that we have now. So you’ve got it completely backwards–the diversity/multiculturalism you defend IS the divide and conquer. Too bad you’re too much of a cultural Marxist cuckhold to see it.

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    3. Diddlerontheroof

      Only one quibble. Divide and Conquer isnt just working. It HAS already worked. This country is already fucked, and I dont want to save it. I only want to save my people. Thats it. Wake up and smell the roses.

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    4. Northy

      Godwin’s Law = You lose.

      Btw, you must be thrilled that the Americans firebombed Germany so that they could be free…. free to what? To be invaded by non-whites? To have their women degraded to levels similar to or worse than the Weimar period?

      But hey, we’ll bring in beaners and fight to the death for Israel, even though jews hate White Protestants more than they hate muslims (who DO want to kill jews).

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    5. goebbles didn’t need to “convince” his people.

      Marx: jew, Lenin: jew, Trotsky: jew (these 2 killed about 10 million during the Civil War, plus another 10 million in the Red Terror, 20 million dead, over 99% White Christian) Kaganovych: Jew (led Stalin’s Purges & Holodomor= 12-20 million more white christians killed) V. Blohkin: jew (personally murdered 50000 whites, including 7000 catholic poles in Katyn Forest)

      all told, 40 million whites died at the orders of jews, all before the Holocaust, but there’s worse to come.

      germany, reeling from a million dead in ww1, hundreds if thousands dead from starvation & the flu, were struck by jews trying to unleash marxism on the suffering people, rhis failed, the jewish bin ladens, karl liebnecht & rosa luxembourg being sent to sheol by the freikorps shots

      while in USA, NY governor Martin Glynn INSISTED that SIX MILLION jews were being murdered in russia, he even used the word “Holocaust”. it was 1919, the american hebrew paper, titled “the crucifixion of the jews must stop”. naturally, he said giving money to the jews would save them from murder (just the most famous of 100 years worth of newspapers claiming, like tte boy who cried wolf, that millions of jews were being killed)

      Henry Ford saw through the lie & printed a rebuttal, “The International Jew” until they made the Government stop his 1st amendment rights

      right after hitler took office, global papers crowed “Judea declares war on Germany” the Diaspora fired the 1st shots, literally, w/ a global embargo & mass “lone wolf” shootings of germans worldwide, hitler responded by declaring jews noncitizens, not covered by his gun rights (Weimar had more gun control than the 3rd Reich)

      those he put in camps had a very real threat to his war on Marxists. Jews=Marxists or Rothschildists Gays=pedophiles & venereal disease vectors JehovahWitness’=spy network/ morale saboteurs

      he tried to get poland to join, but their leader was strongarmed by jewish threats to say “no” he had to strike before the jews vassals could fully arm, baiting stalin w/ a chewed up poland, most of the 3 million defected to the soviets, his back exposed the rothschilds launched British & french peasants at him, time running out, he hit the soviets, most of the jews fled, except the Byelorussian jews, who were massacred by their former victims, until the SS stopped the lynch mobs. the einsatzgruppen had partisans, saboteurs & jewish commissars (thousands fragged by their goyim soldiers) to stop.

      4 more facts

      1. ALL “extermination” camps were reaced by Soviets first

      2.Patton (who blazed about jewish mafia dealing in the dp camps) was murdered before he could liberate Auschwitz

      3. the Soviets, as well as being KNOWN mass murderers were known LIARS

      4 . ALL “gas chambers” were “rebuilt” by the Soviets AFTER the war

      postscript, the jews murdered at least 2 million poles (blamed the nazis) & 3 million germans after ww2, then stole (julius, ethel rosenburg) our Atom bomb, launching the 40 yr terror of MAD, beat generation, weather underground, Kinderladen

      postscript (personal style) Daniel Cohn-Bendit, bragged about raping german children while a kindergarten “teacher” then tried legalizing pedophilia in the Green party (never went to jail) Polanski raped a child then fled to France, Woody Allen raped 2 stepdaughters, Lena Dunham explicitly boasted of raping her OWN SISTER from infancy to adolescence, Jeffrey Epstein kidnapped raped & murdered hundreds of white teens, pimping some to Bill Clinton himself!

      there has NEVER been ANY jewish condemnation of the above crimes, while we whites pay TRILLIONS in slave & “holocaust” reparations & sacrifice the blood of millions of our children to appease them

      who’s the real bad guy? huh?

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    6. Hahahaha wow. You guys are real pieces of work. So insecure with all this cucking nonsense. So fucking stupid. So easily led by the “best” (least retarded) among you. Despised by everyone around you, you cling to your whiteness, not realizing that your fellow whites would rather share a drinking fountain with a negro than you.

      You have nothing to live for, nothing to make yourself feel special (because you are dumb, worthless pieces of shit) so you cling to your whiteness, a fact of reality that normal, decent whites acknowledge but don’t feel the need to shriek about. Unfortunately, you have nothing else. You’re so goddamned stupid, probably fucking ugly, obviously tiny-dicked (how else could you be so insecure, it’s the only thing that makes sense really), just pathetic all around.

      Pat yourselves on the back, gentlemen. Best get ready to enjoy each other’s company, cause besides your own hand it’s the only company you’re gonna get. Hahaha wow. Really, honestly, sad. I don’t just say that to score points (as if I would sink so low as to need to score points against “people” like you), I say that because that is the strong, visceral reaction I get to you. It would piss me off but its not even in that class, it just depresses me.


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