I Was Becoming a Carly Fiorina Fan Until I Saw This

In her interview with Katie Couric from May, Carly Fiorina went on and on about how if you don’t have a room full of “diversity” when making an important decision, you will not get the decision right.  For Fiorina, it’s all about hiring women (and of course anyone else who isn’t a straight white male), and she goes on at length insisting that a lack of diversity is, in and of itself, evidence of an absence of merit.

I had been inclined very favorably toward Fiorina, especially because of her ability to otherwise handle left-biased media encounters like this with supreme skill, until I saw the politically correct total b.s in this interview.

The remarks to which I refer begin at the 9:43 mark, and continue to 13:00.

Fiorina emphasizes, adamantly, that she believes that unless you have “true meritocracy,” you won’t have the diversity she advocates.  Pu-leeze.

She’s completely stellar in the rest of the long interview, on other important topics.  But I’m done with her.


3 thoughts on “I Was Becoming a Carly Fiorina Fan Until I Saw This

  1. John Galt

    Ms. Fiorina has been leaving smoking ruins in her wake for years and, like Obama, even when faced with the horrendous outcome of her decisions, she refuses to even consider the possibility she may have been wrong.

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